Tex and I both have permission from our spouses to go wandering all weekend, so we’re off to the Lakes (probably) for an overnight backpacking trip. It will be the first I’ve done since May and the first Tex has done since leaving the Cubs 🙂

Choice, as usual, is such a problem; so many lakes, so many valleys, so many hills to choose from. The choice is all too much and every time I get the map out (figuratively speaking, as I use Memory Map now) I end up wandering my figurative finger all over the place trying to find inspiration.

We don’t want something too high or too long, we don’t want something that’s likely to be too wet either, so my initial thoughts were along the lines of a valley walk with a “Hause” at the end for an overnight pitch and then a hill or two in the morning, followed by a ridge walk back to the car.

At the moment Ennerdale is looking like a possible, but the ridge walk back to the car might be a bit tricky. As usual getting time in the week where we can sit down together and plan these things is difficult to arrange around usual family commitments, so we do things by telephone and Memory Map – emailing routes to each other – haggling over the height gains – discussing underfoot conditions or the availability of water.

I don’t know how people do this every other weekend! Maybe it becomes easier with practice? I’ll let you know. Suggestions on a postcard would be welcomed!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Wander”

  1. John
    Thanks for the suggestion, and I know that’s a great walk as i did it a few weeks ago – albeit in the other direction, from Grasmere, over Loughrigg, Silver How, Blea Rigg then down to Easedale Tarn.

    I’ve come up with a route along the Allerdale Ramble from Keswick through Borrowdale and Langstrath.

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