Winter arrives in Cheshire

I had to scrape ice off the windscreen of the car this morning. The first indication, for me at least, that winter is almost upon us. Inside the car, the temperature gauge read 2 degrees, not exactly Siberian, but certainly an indicator that summer is long gone.

Summer this year of course was more of a theoretical concept than a season of weather – one or two weeks in May and another couple of good weeks in September doesn’t really count, but I have high hopes for the winter, probably my favourite season of the year, when it’s done right!

I’m hoping for the crisp, cold mornings with clear skies and high, thin cloud, frozen ponds and ice-crusted grass. The sort of days that demand you get out and walk on the hills. The sort of days where the colours of winter are white and blue.

What we will get of course are the grey, damp, windy, miserable days we’ve suffered for the past couple of years – the sort of days that make you wish you lived in Canada or Sweden.

Here’s hoping for a Swedish winter 🙂

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