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Fell Head & The Calf

I'd been ill for the last three weekends, initially with a throat and chest infection that firstly drained all the energy from me and then left me with a hacking cough and phlegm everywhere (which is nice!), this was later replaced with a mild flu or cold, which kept me inside feeling sorry for myself. As such, I was feeling a little trepidation about today's walk - would my legs be up to carrying my increased weight up these hills?

I arrived at Howgill church at about 08:00 and the hills were mostly covered in cloud, although I could see lots of blue patches everywhere, so that held promise. Either way I desperately wanted to get myself onto the tops, so whatever the weather threw at me I was going!

Note: I'm not convinced that either Bram Rigg Top or Great Dummacks actually qualify as Yorkshire Tops, certainly the latter has no discernable summit, no cairn that I could find and almost no prominence from Calders.

Walk Details

Date: 2009-08-22

Start: Howgill church    Finish: Howgill church

Distance: 11.0 mls, 17.70 km

Height Gain: 2800 ft, 853.4 m

Start Time: 08:02    End Time: 13:08

Duration: 05:06

Ave Speed: 2.2 mph

Region: Howgill Fells

Route Description: Howgill church, Fell Head, The Calf, Bram Rigg Top, Great Dummacks, Calders, Winder, Howgill church

Parking Grid Ref: SD 63385 95032

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Walking with: Alone

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Hills on this Walk

2732 - The Calf (2218 ft)

2737 - Calders (2216 ft)

2739 - Bram Rigg Top (2205 ft)

2754 - Fell Head (2100 ft)

2760 - Bush Howe (2044 ft)

16356 - Winder (1552 ft)

Trig Points on this Walk

TP6361 - The Calf (Good condition)

TP6962 - Winder Hill (Good condition)

Photos from this Walk

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