C2C 2011 Route Planning #2

Grosmont to Blakey Ridge

Without being deliberately awkward, there isn’t really an alternative to Wainwright’s route out of Grosmont, to Egton Bridge and beyond, to Glaisdale. Although the map suggests this route is road walking all the way to Delves – about 3 miles from Grosmont, it is in reality mostly private lanes and quiet road. The path then passes through East Arncliffe Wood, down to Beggar’s Bridge and into Glaisdale.

Beyond Glaisdale is low heather moorland and a short section of road walking to the higher moorland above Great Fryup Dale – so far we’re on the traditional route and a fine one it is too. Shortly after turning south west onto the George Gap Causeway, AW’s route heads west to pick up the road and then follows that around the head of Rosedale to meet the Lion Inn. I’ve picked a slightly different route.

I stay on the George Gap Causeway, crossing the road rather than following it and then use a footpath to drop part way down the side of the Rosedale valley and pick up the remains of the old Rosedale Railway. This runs below the lip of the valley, following its course all the way to the foot of the Lion Inn.

I save a little distance on this route, but that’s not the reason for the selection – its as much to be different as anything – and also to make full use of the railbed, which I will follow for several more miles on the next section of the walk. It will be nice to avoid the road and follow a new path.

Bloworth Crossing, where the C2C meets the Rosedale Railway

Blakey Ridge to Osmotherley

This route is about as standard as any Wainwright route that takes in the village of Osmotherley can be. AW of course recommended a stop at Ingleby Cross, but Osmotherley wins hands-down in any personality contest between these two stops. The village has three pubs to Ingleby’s one, it has a general store and a gear shop, which the other does not.

So I leave the Lion Inn and rejoin the old Rosedale Railway, which I follow all the way to the Cleveland Way, which in turn I use all the way to the TV Transmitter station in Arncliffe Wood, where I bear left to drop into Osmotherley, rather than right to Ingleby.

Crossing the North Yorks Moors

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