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Long Distance Paths

A Dales ‘Adventure’

If you’d have asked me last week if it was possible to have a proper ‘adventure’ in somewhere like the Yorkshire Dales I’d have probably laughed in your face. According

Long Distance Paths

Cross-Dales Trails

Last year was a disaster. The death of 75,000 Britons, in any context is a disaster. We aren’t out the other side of this yet of course, but 2021 looks


Memory Map – An Update!

As regular readers may know, I’m a huge fan of Memory Map for planning my long walks. For those that are not aware, Memory Map is a digital mapping application


Kinder via Jaggers Clough

10.2 mls, 16.42 km 2200 ft, 670.6 m Nether Booth Farm 07:05 to 11:20 Peak District Walk Number 529 Walk Notes: A wonderful sunny day with cooling breeze on the


Kinder via Blackden Brook

7.6 mls, 12.23 km 1700 ft, 518.2 m A57 Layby 08:10 to 11:50 Peak District Walk Number 512 Walk Notes: Misty and cold all day, but no wind. Ascent of


Kinder via Crowden Clough

9.2 mls, 14.81 km 1800 ft, 548.6 m Edale Car Park 11:00 to 17:30 Peak District Walk Number 506 Walk Notes: A walk with four-seasons of weather, from sunny fields


Kinder via Crookstone Hill

10.5 mls, 16.90 km 2200 ft, 670.6 m Birchen Clough Bridge 08:30 to 13:25 Peak District Walk Number 486 Walk Notes: A lovely sunny day, not especially warm, but dry.


Kinder via The Three Knolls

8.9 mls, 14.32 km 1900 ft, 579.1 m Bowden Bridge Car Park 08:00 to 11:45 Peak District Walk Number 485 Walk Notes: I don’t normally walk on a Sunday (we


Kinder via Gate Side Clough

6.4 mls, 10.30 km 1600 ft, 487.7 m Birchen Clough Bridge 08:05 to 11:10 Peak District Walk Number 483 Walk Notes: The second in my series of walks exploring the


Kinder via Fair Brook

9.6 mls, 15.45 km 1700 ft, 518.2 m Birchen Clough Bridge 08:00 to 12:00 Peak District Walk Number 482 Walk Notes: I decided to get out on the first weekend


Kinder via Grindsbrook Clough

10.3 mls, 16.58 km 1900 ft, 579.1 m Old Nag’s Head, Edale 07:20 to 11:30 Peak District Walk Number 465 Walk Notes: A misty start to the day, but I


Kinder via Jacob’s Ladder

16.5 mls, 26.55 km 2700 ft, 823.0 m Edale Car Park 08:32 to 15:32 Peak District Walk Number 252 Walk Notes: This ascent of Jacob’s Ladder was done during my


Kinder via William Clough

9.0 mls, 14.48 km 2000 ft, 609.6 m Bowden Bridge Car Park 07:40 to 11:31 Peak District Walk Number 182 Walk Notes: Another popular and classic ascent route onto Kinder,


Kinder via Golden Clough #2

11.5 mls, 18.51 km 2300 ft, 701.0 m Edale Car Park 07:53 to 12:26 Peak District Walk Number 162 Walk Notes: The main reason for today’s walk was to try


Kinder via Kinder Downfall

9.5 mls, 15.29 km 2300 ft, 701.0 m Bowden Bridge Car Park 08:11 to 11:57 Peak District Walk Number 77 Walk Notes: Not technically an ascent of the Downfall, as


Kinder via Ringing Roger

13.5 mls, 21.73 km 2900 ft, 883.9 m Edale Car Park 07:27 to 12:54 Peak District Walk Number 35 Walk Notes: This was my second attempt at reaching the Kinder