Day: May 13, 2010

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Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way 2010 – Day Nine

Keld to Bowes Approx: 13 miles “Ahh, get that, country air, nothing like it” “Smells like normal air, with cow shit in it” “Exactly, nothing like the all pervading stench

Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way – Services Note

The Post Office and village shop in Bowes is/are now closed. They used to be one and the same. According to a sign in the window this is temporary due

Long Distance Paths

My body – status update.

Feet: 1. The toes next to my big toe on each foot are still black, they don’t hurt at all and the situation isn’t any worse than it was after

Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way 2010 – Day Eight

Hawes to Keld Approx: 13 miles “But I can stand where legends stand, when I walk the hill” Big Country – I Walk The Hill Peeking out of my second