My body – status update.

1. The toes next to my big toe on each foot are still black, they don’t hurt at all and the situation isn’t any worse than it was after day 3, so I think we can assume I’ll keep the toe nails now.

2. The big toe on the left foot also started to go black, but that seems to have stopped. No idea why, the boots are really comfortable, more so than any others I’ve ever had.

3. I have no blisters, no hot spots and no rubbing spots. The soles of my feet are a bit sore at the end of the day, but that’s hardly surprising really.

After about day 4 my calves got very sore, especially at the start and end of the day, but that’s all gone now. I guess they’ve got used to the constant abuse they’ve been subjected to over the past 9 days.

No problems at all with either knee. I was a bit worried about the right one, especially after the operation and then banging it again so close to the walk, but it’s holding up fine, better than ever in fact.

The cheek chafe is under control. The daily application of Lanacane works a treat. It acts as a preventative when applied before the walk, reducing the friction between – well between you know what. It also acts as a reliever when applies after the days walking.
Sweaty back is the main cause of this afflictions and the run-off of sweat down into the affected region. Not sure there’s anything j can do about that though 🙂

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