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Ravenber Way – Day 1

7th July 2019: Dufton to Garrigill – 15.5m I knew I wasn’t fit, but today exposed that as one of the understatements of the millennium! I’m in my B&B in Garrigill now, and my feet are quite literally singing, my calves are tight and sore and my thighs feel like...


Pennine Way – reloaded

As part of the on-going plan to revamp all my long distance walk journals; the Pennine Way journal from 2010 has just been updated with more photos. You can read it here: Pennine Way Journal 2010


The Pennine Way Process

It was now or never really. I’d been waiting until as close to deadline as possible to conduct a comprehensive village survey for the Pennine Way guide book update. I figured that there was no point doing a survey months ahead of the publication, as B&Bs close, new businesses open...


Page 1 Completed!

I had an email from Bryn at Trailblazer Guidebooks last night – he hadn’t received any photos from me for the book yet and he needed something to put in the new catalogue they were having printed. He was going to go with a temporary photo for the purposes of...

A rather muted dawn, seen from Hadrian's Wall 0

Burnhead to Sycamore Gap

I’d requested an early breakfast for this morning, despite it being Saturday and feeling a little selfish at asking Dave and Christine to get up even earlier to provide for me. However, I wanted an early finish as I had about 2 1/2 hours in the car at the end...

The old (ancient fingerpost) and the new (acorn marker) on the Pennine Way 1

Knarsdale to Burnhead (on the Wall)

The wind has been the dominant factor for the last two days of this walk. The cold has been as a result of the wind for the most part, but today was the sort of winter day I look forward to. So few of them coincide with a day that...

Some challenging conditions after the incredible rain and wind this morning 3

Garrigill to Knarsdale

If I’d started this walk today, I would almost certainly either have had to cancel it, or I’d be dead on the summit of Cross Fell, having been blown away by the reported 112 mph winds that were recorded by the weather station located at the radar station on Great...

Knock Old Man, cairn on Knock Fell 5

Appleby to Garrigill

If I had to use just one word to describe today’s walk from Dufton to Garrigill along the Pennine Way it would have to be “gruelling”. There was a point when I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it all the way to the end. I...

Cauldron Snout - at the bottom 2

Langdon Beck to Appleby

Well, if I’d thought I was knackered ta the end of yesterday, then today I was double knackered with knobs on! The wind was relentless and biting cold too and by the time I stumbled into Appleby it was all I could do to put one foot in front of...

High Force in the River Tees 1

Baldersdale to Langdon Beck

Wow, what a day! I’m absolutely knackered. I struggled up the gentle incline of East Underhurth Farm’s drive and felt sure I couldn’t have walked another 100 yards. My boots felt like blocks of lead (wet and muddy lead) and every step was hard work. I think it was the...

God's Bridge - one of a few in limestone country 3

Tan Hill Inn to Baldersdale

I dithered and dallied all morning in Tan Hill, I had a late breakfast at 09:15 and then lazed in my room until 10:30 when I moved to the lounge and sat drinking Coke in the comfy chairs. By 11:15 I figured I’d killed enough time, so I set out...

A wintery summit shelter on Great Shunner Fell 5

Hardraw to Tan Hill Inn

I had a great evening in the Green Dragon, the only thing that could have improved it would have been some comfy chairs. The ones they have are all wooden chairs with the odd scatter cushion to ease the pain. But I found an empty seat beside the fire, so...