Coast to Coast 2006 – The Route

The maps in this section were created with Memory Map v5 and are specific to my 12 day itinerary, which has been detailed on the previous page. I would not suggest anyone try and use these as a replacement for proper Ordnance Survey maps or even those maps you find in good guide books like Stedman or Marsh. I know that sounds obvious – but hey, I’ve got to cover myself – haven’t I.

If you look closely at the maps below you will notice a great number of small diversions from the traditional route originally planned by Wainwright. Although people like Stedman and Marsh have also added their own little diversions, I have gone a step further and had to add some of my own.

The majority of my diversions are to bag the trig points close to the route. There are 20 of these, although one or two of this number are probably a little too far off the track to be considered and Helvellyn is completely dependant on how knackered I am when I get to the base of the climb.

Trig Points along the C2C Path

Botton Head
Arncliffe Wood
Barrowmouth Wood
Beacon Hill South
Brow Top
Copperthwaite Moor
Fingay Hill
Glaisdale Rigg
Loose Howe
Nettle Hill
Nine Standards Rigg
Powson Knott
Ravensworth Fell
Sleights Moor
Whaw Moor
Whorlton Moor

My other main diversion will be on Day 7 between Keld and Reeth. I have already walked the high route during the Herriot Way, so I decided I would like to follow the Swale for the day and see the low route alternative mentioned, but not detailed by Wainwright.

When I got Stedman’s guide book I noticed he offered a detailed Swale alternative, but upon closer inspection I found that it looked a bit dull, it follows the road for about 3 or 4 miles and it moves away from the Swale for a good part of the day. I chose my own alternative route, which does coincide with Stedman’s for part of the day, but starts with a visit to Crackpot Hall and follows the Swale much more closely. Towards the end of the day I make a diversion to see the site of Maiden Castle, which incidentally involves the only real hill of the day as an added bonus.