For Sale: My PDA for Digital Mapping

P1150946f small I’m selling my iPAQ 214 PDA that I’ve been using for the last 18-20 months as a GPS. It’s a top spec handheld PDA with a high resolution (640×480 pixels) 4inch screen. It runs Memory Map just fine and has served me well over the past couple of years.

See here for a fuller description of how I’ve been using this. Note that the PDA shown on that page is an older device and not the one shown above. But the principle is just the same.

I’ve decided to switch to a different way of doing things on the hills in terms of GPS devices, so this is now up for sale. It’s currently on eBay and if you are interested in buying it, the auction is here: iPAQ 214 Auction.

As you will see from the auction page it includes the following accessories:

As well as all the original packaging, documentation and CD this auction includes:

  • Original HP USB Cable
  • Original HP Power Cable
  • Original HP Power Cable Tip
  • Original HP Leather case
  • Original HP Extended battery (3800 mAh with replacement back cover)
  • Carcomm Car Kit with Screwless Window or Dash mount
  • Desk Docking Station with integrated battery charger
  • Globalsat BC-337 GPS Receiver – fits into CF Card slot
  • DuraSec HighTec Screen Protector (unused, in original packing)
  • Transcend 8Gb Class 6 SDHC Memory Card
  • Third party stylus to replace the missing HP one

The GPS card included in the auction works just fine with the PDA – I’ve included a screen shot of the device with satellites connected and tracking – however, it doesn’t want to work with Memory Map. So if you want to use Memory Map then you will need a Bluetooth GPS receiver such as this one: Bluetooth GPS for MM

2011-09-07 10.48.33small

If you decide to buy this, I will throw in an Aquapac waterproof case (see above) for the device and if you are already a Memory Map user I will include and additional surprise for you. Just email me with your eBay user name at the end of the auction and I’ll stick these items in the parcel.

The GPS card in the picture above, will not be included – it seems to be faulty now – which is why I would recommend a Bluetooth GPS as mentioned above.

All things being equal I would expect the auction to finish at about £120 or so.

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