My first iPhone post

My iPhone purchase is complete. I went to the O2 shop in Northwich and spoke with a marginally useful young man about 3G coverage and the small print around the inclusive data tariff.

I’ve got the phone activated and setup on my home wifi network and it works a dream.

One real showstopper of a problem, however is the truly shitty phone reception I’m getting at home. No 3G and no Edge connection and only 1 or 2 bars on the GPRS connection. Often it tells me I have no signal at all. Now that is worrying.

The agreement with O2 has a 14 day cooling off period though, so I will use that time to see how coverage elsewhere fares.

More to follow on the iPhone blogger.

2 thoughts on “My first iPhone post”

  1. It’s still not a “part of me” yet, although I have decided to keep it.

    The signal at home is still an issue, but I now know where in the house I can get one and where I can’t. Less than 400 yards away I can get a full 3G signal which is a bit galling, but I use the wi-fi round the house.

    No, I have no regrets about not taking the plunge earlier – it’s a great device, but the number, scope and scale of the apps is what makes the device so useful. I don’t think a lot of these were around 12 months or more ago.

    The GPS is great, I was using it in London the other week to walk between hotel and customer premises – very useful.

  2. How’s the iPhone going?
    Have you still got it?
    Would it yet be like losing your right arm if it were taken away from you?
    Don’t you wish you’d taken the plunge back in November 2007, when it was first launched?

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