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Long Distance Paths

Cross-Dales Trails

Last year was a disaster. The death of 75,000 Britons, in any context is a disaster. We aren’t out the other side of this yet of course, but 2021 looks

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 4

21st April 2019: Keld to Aysgarth – 14.5m When I set out this morning I had every intention of walking from Keld to Reeth along the new low route, beside

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 3

20th April 2019: Keld to Reeth – 12m I slept like a log (an expression that has always baffled me), that is to say I slept soundly. Soft pillows helped

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 2

19th April 2019: Hawes to Keld – 11.8m I dozed off about 8pm last night, but never got a decent period of sleep, thanks to the inconsiderate twat in the

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 1

18th April 2019: Aysgarth to Hawes – 13.1m I set out from Aysgarth in a mixed frame of mind this morning. It  was good to be walking again, but the

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019

Next week I’ll be driving to Aysgarth to begin 5 days walking around some of my favourite northern Yorkshire Dales. The primary motivation for this is to do a complete

Westmorland Way, beside Ullswater

Looking ahead into 2019

I wrote a similar post to this one, in March last year, setting out my plans for the coming year (see here) and I didn’t do too badly in the


Rucksack Readers C2C Guide – 2nd Ed

I reviewed the first edition of this guide book back in 2010 and I wasn’t especially complimentary about it, but that’s the risk you take when you send review copies

Long Distance Paths

The Eden Way

A couple of weeks ago I finished writing my latest guide book; The Eden Way. This is the third and final book in a series of three guides, following the

Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Walk Day 2

Another early night resulted in another early rise, I was conscious by about 5am and snoozed until 7am. A quick look out the bedroom window revealed grey skies but I

View, or lack of, from Great Shunner Fell summit
Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Walk Day 1

It was thundering and lightning further down the valley when I arrived at the Moorcock Inn last night. I’d had an easy drive up from home through moderate Friday evening

Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Planning & Pain Management

I set out on my second long-distance path of the year next Saturday. All my walking plans for this year are based around guide books; either new books or new

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 7

Carlisle to Wetheral (again!) – 7.5 miles Breakfast at the Jolly Farmer’s was a rowdy affair. I’d asked for 8am and wished I’d asked for 7.30 – there were 12

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 6

Appleby to Kirkby Stephen – 12 miles Today I walked from Appleby station to Kirkby Stephen. It rained all day, snowed for a while in the middle and I was

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 5

Langwathby to Appleby – 0 miles! A quick update from last night. I had an excellent Steak and Ale pie for tea, with lovely, rich gravy and some excellent hand

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 4

Armathwaite to Langwathby – 11.5 miles Breakfast was a bit disorganised, with a young chef running around like a headless chicken, but it was tasty enough. I was joined by

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 3

Wetheral to Armathwaite – 9.5 miles I patched the biggest and most painful blister with one of my two Compeeds and left the others to their own devices – it

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 2

Carlisle to Wetheral – 11 miles I slept well and never had recourse to use the ear plugs. The Cartref (odd name eh?) is a proper business B&B, it must