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Long Distance Paths

LEJOG Decision!

I had a bit of a blinding flash last night. I was thinking about long distance paths (as you do), wondering what I would like to do next year and

Long Distance Paths

LEJOG Planning Frenzy

Sunday was an awful day,weather wise and I had an itchy mouse-finger, so I gave him some exercise in Memory Map – I began planning the South West England section

Long Distance Paths

LEJoG Planning continues

The first ink lines have appeared on my LEJoG map, after so many weeks of pencil lines and draft marks I have at last plotted the first route; from my


The Ultimate Long Distance Challenge

While I’ve been laid up ill with Mumps, I’ve caught up with some of the programmes I’ve captured with Sky+. Last night I watched the final episode of “The man

Long Distance Paths

LEJOG Planning

With no walking this weekend, I’ve been sitting at my PC planning walks. Hadrian’s Wall is pretty much all done now and that’s “in the can” as they say in