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Final Thoughts

I’ve re-read what I’ve written in this journal and I’m still not sure I’ve truly expressed how much I hated this walk. From the moment I shouldered my pack after

Offa’s Dyke: Day Three

24th August 2007 – Pandy to Hay-on-Wye – 18 miles I’d asked for breakfast at 08:00, the earliest they could offer but I had to go and find the chef

Offa’s Dyke: Day Two

23rd August 2007 – Monmouth to Pandy – 20.5 miles Breakfast was a bit painful; the food was burnt – now I like sausage and bacon well done – but

Offa’s Dyke: Day One

22nd August 2007 – Chepstow to Monmouth – 19.5 miles As I left Upper Sedbury House the sun was already shining on what would be a lovely late-summers day. I

Offa’s Dyke: Day Zero

21st August 2007 – Path Start to Chepstow – 4 miles I spent a while adjusting my pack, retying my laces and generally faffing about, while my wife waited patiently


My coast to coast walk in 2006 really infected me with the long distance walking bug. The unbroken sequence of days where all I have to worry about is putting