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Coast to Coast 2011: Day Five Supplemental

Some readers (Dave) may be pleased to hear that I had a pleasant afternoon in Reeth, it’s still not my fave place, but I has an excellent ice cream, got a good phone signal and had a lovely chat with the wife while sitting in the sun in the village...


OS under the spotlight in You & Yours

I was pointed in the direction of You and Yours on Radio 4 on Monday at noon. Apparently (I am hopefully reliably informed) they will be discussing the Ordnance Survey and recent moves to make more of their products freely available to the general public. I won’t get on my...


Nothing’s ever simple!

That seems to have become my favourite saying over the past few years – maybe I’m getting old and crabby like the Grumpy Old Men, but for some reason it seems to apply more and more to the things I do. I just got an email from Outdoor Warehouse, the...


OMG! PW2010 Initial Planning Fright

I’ve just done a couple of rough calculations on how much the Pennine Way is likely to cost me. I’ve already decided it’s going to be along the lines of my previous long distance walks – that is B&B all the way and baggage courier to ease the strain and...


Accident waiting to happen

I’m not an experienced walker in the great scheme of things – I’ve only been hill walking for about 4 years now and I still have a lot to learn, but there are times when I look at others on the hills and I think it’s only a matter of...


New Diary On-line

I have finally got the diary section set up the way I want it. Hopefully this will encourage me to update this section a bit more frequently than I have been doing in the past.


A feel-good story

I’m quick enough to complain about stuff when I’m not happy with it, so I thought I should redress the balance by praising a company for something good that happened last week. I bought a pair of Scarpa boots in January 2006, after my previous pair of Asolo boots got...


On-line Outdoor Retailers

A short entry, I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts about online retailers, especially the “outdoor” ones. In my experience, there are three categories of these; great, awful and indifferent. The vast majority fall into the indifferent category of course, neither providing an outstanding service, nor doing anything...


Nothing worse than dog shit?

In some respects, I’m very fortunate in where I live, although I’m in the middle of the Cheshire plain with hardly a hill for miles around, I have a load of local dog walks on my doorstep. Two minutes walk from my house and I can be walking along the...