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Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Walk Day 2

Another early night resulted in another early rise, I was conscious by about 5am and snoozed until 7am. A quick look out the bedroom window revealed grey skies but I

View, or lack of, from Great Shunner Fell summit
Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Walk Day 1

It was thundering and lightning further down the valley when I arrived at the Moorcock Inn last night. I’d had an easy drive up from home through moderate Friday evening

Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Planning & Pain Management

I set out on my second long-distance path of the year next Saturday. All my walking plans for this year are based around guide books; either new books or new

Long Distance Paths

Making Plans for… Lonewalker

I’m always wary of publishing my plans for the year ahead, just look back over my previous posts and see how many plans I’ve made and then abandoned or failed

Long Distance Paths

A Change of Plan

Even the best laid plans sometimes fall to outside influences and it seems that my plans to join Chris on his Cape Wrath Trail later this month have done just