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Trig Point Database

A few weeks ago I created an Excel spreadsheet of all the UK trig points, in order to allow fellow trig point enthusiasts the ability to search for these iconic concrete pillars using various criteria. The spreadsheet was really just a stop-gap measure until I managed to create something more...


Foul Weather Alternative

A foul weather alternative (FWA) is a long distance walkers term for a route that can be used in place of a much better (usually higher and more remote) route, in the event of foul weather. Well, we’ve certainly had some foul weather recently and my enthusiasm levels for walking...


Thinking ahead

It’s almost the end of the year and typically by this time, I’ve already got next year’s long distance path planned and often booked as well. This year though I’ve been concentrating on the Pennine Way, right up until last week and thoughts of anything else have been thrust into...