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July #MicroAdventure

Our walking calendars finally aligned, allowing us to meet up for a weekend of walking, camping and catching up. After an incredible exchange of emails and GPX files, Matt (@hillplodder)


Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure; like the last Fondant Fancy or the discovery of a hitherto errant jelly bean in your jacket


One of our sheepdogs is missing!

We approached the gate tentatively, the large, snarling, barking yellow dog ensured that we weren’t going to go through it, and called through the open kitchen door to a woman


Autumn Weekend Wander – 2009

What seems to becoming an annual ritual is about to kick off in a few minutes – just enough time to pen this “Out of Office” for anyone interested. Tex


Walk Report: World’s End

Pete was free this weekend, so we decided to strike out, despite the dire weather predictions and see if we could find somewhere that wouldn’t result in us having to


Post Walk.. (what’s the opposite of Blues?)

There’s something incredibly satisfying sitting down to write a walk report, with the wind and rain rattling against the window, feet throbbing gently under the desk and calf muscles slowly


Walk Report: Snowdon

Date: 19th Jul 2008 Stats: 8.0 miles, 3000 feet Weather: Overcast all day, warm in valley, but cold and windy on top, rain later Trig Points: 1: TP6043 – Snowdon