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Long Distance Paths

Derwent Valley Heritage Way

4th & 5th December 2019: Ladybower Reservoir to Baslow – 13 miles I was up at 05:50, 10 mins before the alarm, and leapt out of bed before remembering I

Sunrise as we begin Sunday's walk
Long Distance Paths

River Nidd Trail Section 1

Nether Poppleton to Goldsborough – 20 miles Saturday 19th October 2019 I’ve broken this walk down into three sections, that are each completed over a weekend. The Saturday part is

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2019 – Day 5

9th October 2019: Ripon to Boroughbridge to Home – 8 miles Interim report, until I get some time and calm down a bit….. A great day’s walk, with another lovely

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2019 – Day 4

8th October 2019: Masham to Ripon – 13.5 miles After having been bitterly disappointed at the quality of the BBC weather for the last two days (albeit being quite happy

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2019 – Day 3

7th October 2019: Middleham to Masham – 11 miles Breakfast at the Dante Arms was OK, I was on my own in the bar area, which was nice and as

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2019 – Day 2

6th October 2019: Askrigg to Middleham – 14 miles The rain never arrived! Despite what looked like an unequivocal forecast last night, 70-80% chance of heavy rain in every hour

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2019 – Day 1

5th October 2019: Garsdale Head to Askrigg – 12 miles I’m in the small single at the top of the stairs, the same room I’ve always had when I’ve stayed

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2019 – Day 0

4th October 2019: Home to Garsdale Head An almost perfect set of train connections meant that I arrived at the Moorcock Inn exactly on time, about 8pm. I’d walked away



The weather was forecast to be perfect today – clear skies, warm, no wind, but just enough breeze to keep the midge at bay! And so it turned out as


Sandwood Bay

I had an excellent weekend away with my brother and a friend. We spent three excellent nights in the wonderful Inchnadamph Hotel, with the main target being an ascent of

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way #FAIL

8th July 2019: Garrigill to Allenheads – 12m If you asked me describe my perfect hill path I would probably just point you at the bridleway that runs over Knockshield

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way – Day 1

7th July 2019: Dufton to Garrigill – 15.5m I knew I wasn’t fit, but today exposed that as one of the understatements of the millennium! I’m in my B&B in

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way – Day 0

6th July 2019: Home to Dufton I heard the rain on the window before I got out of bed this morning. Bloody typical, it’s not rained for 2 weeks around


Fort William to Bealach a’ Chaorainn

This should be a Cape Wrath Trail report, broken into 7 or 8 different days, but if you’ve read my previous post you’ll understand why it’s not. For those that

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 4

21st April 2019: Keld to Aysgarth – 14.5m When I set out this morning I had every intention of walking from Keld to Reeth along the new low route, beside

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 3

20th April 2019: Keld to Reeth – 12m I slept like a log (an expression that has always baffled me), that is to say I slept soundly. Soft pillows helped

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 2

19th April 2019: Hawes to Keld – 11.8m I dozed off about 8pm last night, but never got a decent period of sleep, thanks to the inconsiderate twat in the

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 1

18th April 2019: Aysgarth to Hawes – 13.1m I set out from Aysgarth in a mixed frame of mind this morning. It  was good to be walking again, but the