Blogging on the move

I’m in the process of justifying to myself the purchase of an iPhone mainly for mobile updates to the diary and mobile email. I have a BlackBerry for work use but it’s very clumsy as a browser and not great for personal email.

I have borrowed my sons iPod Touch for a couple of days to get a feeling for the iPhone interface and ease of use. There are dozens of great free apps in the App Store and one of them is a blog post writer. That is what I’m using just now to wrote this post.

The iPhone keyboard isn’t great for lots of text input as the keys are a little small for my sausage-like thumbs. But it’s still better than the keypad on my BlackBerry Pearl.

To be able to post diary entries from anywhere with apjone signal,easily and quickly is very tempting, so the iPhone looks like it’s Just about justified in my mind 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blogging on the move”

  1. Andrew – thanks for pointing that out – I suppose my main concern is the coverage for 3G in the UK. Obviously not a problem from the Eiger, but O2 don’t have a great reputation in this country 🙂

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