Coast to Coast – Arrival

Arrived safe and sound in St. Bees after passing through some awful weather on the way. As long as it stops raining before we set out in the morning I’ll be happy. In fact I’ll probably be happy if it’s still pissing it down. It’s just great to be back on the road again.

Dinner in the Coast to Coast bar was very average and the poor selection of beer didn’t add to the experience. In fact I have no idea why we chose to stay in there when we had a much better choice of menu and beer in the Queens Arms.

Back in the room now in Stone House Farm, which is just as I remember it from three years ago. In fact we have the same room as I had. Loads of space to sort kit and a spare bed in case of…. well… just in case I guess.

Enjoying the malt whisky that Tex brought with him but I suppose I should pack my daypack before things get too silly.

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