I’m quite aware that I’m overdue publishing an account of our Lyke Wake Walk, which immediately followed our Coast to Coast expedition of last week.

Let me put the following short post into context; a 190 mile long distance path, completed in 11 days, is in no way suitable preparation for a 40 mile challenge walk like the Lyke Wake.

The weather was in a good mood and the sun shone as we left Ravenscar at 08:30 and lasted a whole 90 minutes. It more than made up for this weakness though, by hammering down for the next couple of hours and just drizzling relentlessly for the following four.

This turned the path into an awful slippery mess in those places that it wasn’t just a boggy morass. At this point I expect you can see where this post is going.

The failure I hasn’t to add, for that is what it was, was not down to lack of resolution on the part of my walking partner Rob, but down to my weariness after 20 miles.

My motivation levels at that point dropped to almost zero and all I wanted to do was get home and have a good nights sleep in my own bed rather than spend it slogging up hills in the cold, rain and pitch black.

My sights had been firmly set on the Coast to Coast and that was already in the bag, so this additional challenge was just that, additional, not primary.

But I’m making excuses. I gave up when things got hurty, I didn’t have the commitment to stay the course and once I stopped enjoying it, I stopped.

I’ve already apologised to Rob, who wanted to continue, despite his feet, which were mostly comprised of blisters. But safety overruled his enthusiasm and walking alone at night even with good feet and strong legs is always something to be undertaken with caution.

We will go back and have a other go, but this time we won’t walk 190 miles to get to the start!!

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