Coast to Coast 2009 – Final Day (11)

Well that’s it then, we’ve done it. I’m posting this from the wifi connection in the Wayfarer in Robin Hood’s Bay. But I’m getting ahead of myself….

One of the best breakfasts of the whole trip was consumed at Intake Farm this morning. As we had plenty of time we both went for the cooked version and we weren’t disappointed. Judith really knows how to look after her guests and she can cook!!

She pointed us down the lane from the farm and we eased ourselves gently down the hill to Littlebeck. The walk through the woods is brilliant, but I’d forgotten how steep it is in places, especially on the pull up to the Hermitage. Falling Foss was flowing nicely, much better than last time I seem to recall.

Leaving from Littlebeck means that there’s no other C2Cers on the path ahead of you, so it was a peaceful stroll through the woods to the road at Maybecks. Our other B&B guest last night, David, was leaving later as were the two girls who camped, originally supposed to be in the field behind the farm, but after nearly being blown away by the wind they ended up camped in one of the spare rooms in the house!

Sneaton Low Moor caught me out, I wasn’t expecting to get wet feet until Graystone Hills, but we lost the path somehow and ended up crossing a very boggy section and I went in up to my ankles.

Graystone Hills didn’t disappoint of course, we ignored the direction of the arrow on the last pole, which points to the right when it should be to the left (thanks for the reminder of that one Ian) and hopped, skipped and jumped across the boggy bottom before the fields. I got horrible orange muck all up my legs and lost both feet to the mid-calf level. There really ought to be a better route than that, it left me squelching for several miles.

We were too early for the Hare and Hounds in High Hawkser so we pushed on, using another route alternative of my own making. Yes, despite the last one, we decided to try and miss the walk through the caravan parks. There is a bridleway just after the pub that runs down past Gnipe House and meets the Cleveland Way about 400 yds west of the usual route. This means you have 400 extra yards of cliff walk and no caravans, double bonus.

The cliff path was heaving, it’s Saturday of course and there were more tourists than sheep on the hillside. After the first 20 minutes I gave up saying “Hello” to everyone. The cliff path on the west coast is great the one on the east coast is packed!

We soon began the descent into RHB and before we knew it we were at the Bay Hotel. As it was only just after midday the tide was a long way out, so we had an extra half mile or so of walking to do!! We dipped shoes and boots and deposited pebbles and walked up to the bar to sign the book and get a well deserved drink!

It was nice to see Ian and Roscoe Savage’s names in the books from a couple of weeks ago. Roscoe is only 10 and he’s completed the walk – well done that young man! You will be able to see his journey in a week or so on the main Walking Places site.

We stayed at the Hotel for a while and met David from last night and another guy we’d seen once or twice along the route. We also saw the Happy Campers (the girls from last night).

We had been hoping to see the Magnificent 11 arrive, but by 15:00 when we walked back up through the village to our B&B they still hadn’t turned up. I hope they made it okay.

I’ll be writing a much fuller account of the walk in due course, so keep an eye out for that, and thanks for reading these daily blogs.

See you soon!
Happy Feet!

8 thoughts on “Coast to Coast 2009 – Final Day (11)”

  1. What a great site. Had to laugh at your reference to Glebe House in Patterdale. We did the C2C last week in June, first week in July 2010 for the third time. We stayed at Glebe House and found it grim. Mrs Pool has a bad attitude and was really rude when we told her we were both vegetarians, demanding to know what do we eat then!

    We has previously stayed at Oldwater View which is excellent – and i thought that we should have a change. Thinking that Glebe House was the slate cottage opposite Oldwater View, which I had noticed last time we were up there – I made a fatal error and booked Glebe House. The pits!
    Best wishes

    1. Hmm, yes, Glebe House wasn’t the highpoint of the walk. My most vivid memory of the place was trying to squeeze into the tiny shower cubicle in the en-suite twin room and almost ripping my nipple off on the sliding door!! I’ll use the White Lion next year.

  2. Hi Stuart, read your coast to coast experience of 2009. It gives a good description with lovely humour in just the right places. I do enjoy reading the details of the crossing from others, it inspires me to get those boots on.
    Have you had the time to put together the map around Sunbiggin Tarn yet?

    Thank you for this site.

  3. Robin, Ian, Baz, Alan – thanks all for taking the time to respond and thanks for the kind words.
    I may be walking Hadrians Wall in the early part of July and if I do I will be blogging on that too.
    Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Thoroughly entertaining read! Well done – quite a speedy one too!

    Just caught up with it as I am now back from my TGO Challenge and you finished whilst I was in north west Scotland. A realy great easy to read writing style that leaves you wanting more!

    Best wishes

  5. congratulations Stuart and Rob ; by rights it should be a long night of refreshment and restoration for you both ; however…..i still can’t quite believe that you’re doing the Lyke Wake tomorrow ; the Savages will be thinking of you….particularly after the first ten hours of walking…..i’ve just told the kids ( four of them being C2Cers ) ; their response…..Rspkt!!

  6. Thanks for taking the trouble to blog along the way. It’s been very enjoyable to follow your progress. Good timing with the C2C on the BBC as well.

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