My birthday present

When you get to my age it’s nearly impossible for loved ones to know what to get you for your birthday. Let’s face it in today’s modern consumer age, when you get to middle age you’ve got everything you “need” and most of the things you “sort of fancy”.

So I got money from my wife and my mum, to “spend on something you need for walking or your computer” and last week I thought of what I wanted. I was on Gragareth getting blown all over the place, thinking “I wonder how strong this wind really is?” and then it came to me. What I wanted… no, needed was a wind speed meter, or an anemometer to us budding meteorologists.

I speculated idly about how large it would be and how much it would cost and became all depressed. Then about 10 minutes ago I searched for one on Google and came up with this….

It measures loads of things, not just wind speed…

1. Wind speed & temperature measurement Mph, Km/h, Ft/min, M/s or knotts.
2. Beaufort scale bar display
3. Wind chill indication
4. Celsius and Fahrenheit
5. Wind gust, average & current speeds

And it only weighs 50g and costs less than £30. Wow! I’m ordering it straight away! Looking forward to winter now, to see how it performs…. what am I talking about it’ll be useful all year round in this country 🙂

2 thoughts on “My birthday present”

  1. Hi, what make is this please? I recall being on a Wainwright fell many years ago and the wind was so bad we sat down and held on to our leki sticks for dear life! My partner would have loved to have known the wind speed. I think on that same holiday I actually got blown off the top of the fell and landed on my elbow, causing tennis elbow for quite sometime!

    1. Suzanne – sorry, I can’t remember what the make was and I eventually had to replace it after I lost it. I got a Kestrel anemometer, but they are quite expensive now I think. You can pick up a cheaper version on Amazon for about £12 though. Hope that helps.

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