New Boots (but not panties!)

Apologies to any non “Dury-aware” readers, but coming up with attention grabbing titles isn’t easy and that one was a little too good not to use.

Another rush of blood to the head yesterday morning and I found myself £79.99 lighter in the bank balance, but very much in credit in the lightweight boot department. I’ve been shilly-shallying about new boots for a while and I’d sort of persuaded myself that I would see the winter out in my trusty Scarpa Zero10s and I would wait until the spring to get some new lightweight boots. But the fantastic offer price at Fifth Element was too good to pass up.


These are the Salomon 3D Fastpacker Mid GTX – the name probably weighs more than the boots do – they’re each about 490g – half the weight of my Scarpas.

I will use them at some point in the near future I hope, although I probably won’t be walking anywhere until 2010 now – my last walk today was excellent though – misty and cold on the tops, heather bashing for a while and then down into the valley as the sun came out and lit everything up.

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