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The Lakeland Fells map displays the most popular hills of the Lake District on a topological map. The map includes several hill lists; including the Wainwrights, the Marilyns, the Nuttalls, the Hewitts and some of the less well-known classifications, such as the HuMPs, Deweys, Birketts and Wainwright’s Outlying Fells. The fells are represented by coloured circles and they are overlayed on a Google Terrain map which shows roads, lakes, and the hill contours.

The Lakeland Fells map is provided as a JPG image file, ready for submission to an online printing service, such as Vistaprint, where you can upload the file you will receive and create a poster. A similar service is also provided by Instaprint

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Digital JPG File


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7000 x 9930 pixels


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