The weather was forecast to be perfect today – clear skies, warm, no wind, but just enough breeze to keep the midge at bay! And so it turned out as well – one of the best day’s walking in recent memory. Not without pain, not without sweat and not without the occasional heart palpitation, but what a day!

We chose the walk in from Glencanisp Lodge, using their little car park, saving 1/2 a mile of road walking for the small price of £5 in their honesty shop. The track on the north side of the mountain is much improved over the past couple of years, so we decided to use this rather than the apparently more scenic, but longer and boggier path from Inverkirkaig.

The walk in gives you ample views of this iconic mountain and the closer we got the steeper it looked. It turned out to be possibly the longest, steepest climb I’ve ever done and even through it’s broken into several stages it is tortuous in places. I stopped several times for a gasp and to take in the incredible views behind.

At the bealach I crested the ridge and the view ahead was even more spectacular! The descent was much quicker, but even more painful than the ascent, especially on my knees. By the time we arrived back at the car I was pretty knackered, but still… one of the best days on a mountain for a long time!

Click for a wider view
We stopped by Ardveg Castle on the way back to the hotel – what a great spot!

3 thoughts on “Suilven”

  1. Some great photos alright. The main pics of Suilven you have there make the mountain look all but impregnable, but it looks like you found a breach in the defences. I’ve never been that far north myself, but it looks a must-do on a clear day!

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