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The continuing saga of my knees

I’ve not mentioned my knees for a while, so I thought it was about time to address that. As previous posts and some tweets will have explained I’ve been suffering


A Knee Update

It looks like I finished walking the Pennine Way just in time. It has been heavily mentioned on here already that I was updating the Trailblazer guide book for the


Walk Report: Stanage Edge

I desperately wanted to get out today – I’ve not walked further than round the supermarket for three weeks as I’ve been resting my recently repaired knee – and the


Back home

Well the op went well apparently. The consultant tells me that there was minimal damage to the knee and she only had to do a small amount of remedial work.


One last walk before the op!

I have one weekend left before I go under the knife – so I have my fingers, toes, legs and everything else that is even remotely cross-able, crossed in the


Official: I’m Old!

I’ve been told I’m old – officially, by a doctor no less. Of course she didn’t use the work “old”, she used something much more laden with dread and clouded