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Skye Trail Blogs – falling behind

I’m falling behind in my updates. It doesn’t help that I can only send updates from the pub in Portree, as that seems to have the most reliable WiFi signal. I’ve just posted some photo updates, but the written blogs are still WIP I’m afraid. I have a shorter day...


Last minute worries!

I’m off to Skye tomorrow night and wouldn’t you know it, a last minute problem threw a spanner into the works! I’ve been hyper-cautious for the past two or three weeks in the car – I’ve been driving like an old lady if the true be told and I think...


Skye Trail – Planning Blog

My Skye Trail journal is now on the website – it covers planning and route selection at this time only, as I don’t set out for another 18 days or so. There are so few Skye Trail journals on the web though that I thought it worth publishing now, in...