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Couple of Skye Photos

Just wanted to upload a couple of photos I took while on Skye, not great quality as they were taken with my phone.   This is the croft we were


A Photo Challenge

I’m off to Skye in a couple of weeks. A long awaited return to one of my most favourite places anywhere in the UK. My brother and I have rented

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail – reloaded

I’m still injured, so I’m still filling my weekends by revamping my long distance walk journals with new photos and new layouts, which should hopefully enhance the reading experience. The

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail Journal is now complete

I’ve completed the write-up of my Skye Trail journal. You can find it here: Lonewalker’s Skye Trail Journal 2012 Please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

Long Distance Paths

Crossing Paths

Many weeks ago, during our own separate preparations, Pete and I had arranged to meet up on the section of path between Dalavil and Ord. it would be his first

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail Blogs – falling behind

I’m falling behind in my updates. It doesn’t help that I can only send updates from the pub in Portree, as that seems to have the most reliable WiFi signal.