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A Photo Challenge

I’m off to Skye in a couple of weeks. A long awaited return to one of my most favourite places anywhere in the UK. My brother and I have rented

Long Distance Paths

Crossing Paths

Many weeks ago, during our own separate preparations, Pete and I had arranged to meet up on the section of path between Dalavil and Ord. it would be his first

Long Distance Paths

Last minute worries!

I’m off to Skye tomorrow night and wouldn’t you know it, a last minute problem threw a spanner into the works! I’ve been hyper-cautious for the past two or three

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail – Planning Blog

My Skye Trail journal is now on the website – it covers planning and route selection at this time only, as I don’t set out for another 18 days or

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail 2012–Planning #3

There is now less than five weeks until I leave for Skye to walk the Skye Trail. Or rather, one of the Skye Trails. For a while it has bothered

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail 2012–Planning #2

This weekend will see my countdown calendar to Skye reading 8 weeks. I’ve been training like mad and although I missed one weekend walk this month, I’ve still managed 101

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail 2012–Planning #1

January has come and gone and I’m now about 12 weeks away from starting the Skye Trail. I’ve been really busy this last month though – losing weight and getting

Long Distance Paths

Choosing 2012’s Long Distance Path

Well it’s now planned, booked and partly paid for, all I need to do is lose some weight and get properly hill fit again. This year I’ve decided to try