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Liebster Award Nomination

First of all, as part of the protocol, I have to thank Cath ( for nominating my blog for this ‘process’. I read Matt’s ( recent blog posting on the

Feet up, catching the sun, on the ascent out of Ponden

Filling in the Gaps

I should have been walking along the Pennine Way with @PilgrimChris this weekend, but family commitments forced a change in plan from him and so I was left to my

Misty camp on Kinder Low, either side of the path

A Weekend Sacrifice

The Oxford Dictionary defines sacrifice as “An act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy”. It also includes an alternative

A wet camp outside Gargrave

Pennine Way Loading: 10% Complete

I’ve now done 30 miles of the Pennine Way as part of the Trailblazer guide book update. That’s about 10% of the total mileage that I need to cover during


28 Tors, 4HuMPs, 1 Beacon and Brown Willy

Sounds likes a walkers shopping list maybe? It is in fact the challenge I’ve set myself for 5 days in early March. As with all my walking at the moment,


Hadrian’s Wall Day 3

Last night was the first night I’d had any company – the first night I was in an empty camp site and the next night I was in an empty


Hadrian’s Wall Day 2

Hadrians wall day 2 I had a 16 bed camping barn to myself last night, fitted with a kitchen, shower and TV it was like having an apartment to myself.


Hadrian’s Wall Day 1

Hadrians wall day 1 Today started out as the perfect walking day. It was overcast but warm with no wind. I paid my poorly octopus (£6) to the site owner


Hadrian’s Wall Day 0

There’s an old saying that while the cats away the mice have a sneaky walk – or something like that. Well my wife flew off to Kenya today and once


Wee beasties

This post relates to one I read from Peewiglet recently. With respect to keeping your inner tent door well and truly secured even when you’re not inside. This sounds like


Weekend Wander – Part 2

I’ve spent a couple of hours with Tex this evening, bashing out routes and counter routes, options and alternatives until we finally agreed on what looks like an excellent, albeit