Herriot Way

I spent a few weeks at the back end of last year walking some wonderful paths in the Yorkshire Dales, many of them had a purpose – I was preparing my first guide book. I say first – probably only guide book – but only time will tell on that one.

I then spent many dark evenings tapping away on the keyboard – and one or two weekends when it was just too awful to walk and about four weekends when I was laid up after my knee operation.

Well I can now reveal what it was i was up to. I’ve been writing a guide book for the Herriot Way! “The What Way?” I hear you cry! The Herriot Way I shout back! It’s a glorious four day walk in the Dales – perhaps one of the best short long distance paths in the UK, perfect for the first time multi-day walker and indeed great as a leg stretcher for those of us who love our long walks.

There is a companion website that went live this afternoon, you can see it here:


The book has 50 pages of planning information and an additional 30 pages of route directions – one set if you want to walk it clockwise and another set if you’re walking it anti-clockwise. It’s a circular walk. There are also 20 hand-drawn maps, courtesy of Rambling Pete, who impressed even himself I think with the quality of his workmanship – the book wouldn’t have been possible without his help.

I’ve tried to price it as reasonably as possible. £10 is less than the price of a haircut nowadays 🙂

4 thoughts on “Herriot Way”

  1. Hi Stuart I Bought your book The Herriot Way in April this year,Did the walk last week the walk was out of this world, the scenery was fantastic and the book was so accurate i never once looked at the maps,Shows how much care you took in writing it.I am now definately a fan of multi day walks and look forward to my next one,Keep up the good work and many thanks.

  2. Pete & Krysia Asher

    Dear Stuart, We have just got back home after completing the Herriot Way. It was superb! Stunning scenery at every turn Your guide book proved to be the best £4.95 I have ever spent. It was both extremely accurate and informative. We look forward to doing it again next year….probably the anti-clockwise route for a different perspective !!!

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