Pennine Way 2010 – Accommodation

I have most of my accommodation booked now, all but four locations in fact. These have been emailed but have not yet responded, so I’ll give them a couple of days more and then phone them. I would hate to miss out on a place now that so many others are pencilled in and waiting for deposit cheques.

I had a nice email from Lana at Eastview in Garrigill, basically asking me if I was sure I wanted to book a room with her as there is no longer a pub in the village and therefore nowhere to get an evening meal. She’s not able to make an evening meal for guests, so was warning me in advance that pickings would be slim that night. I appreciated the honesty – rather than just taking my money and letting me figure things out for myself. I also appreciated the offer of the use of her microwave if I was so inclined for an evening meal. I booked the room and made a note to try and pick up a microwave meal the day before.

I ummed and ahhed about the Border Hotel for the last night of the walk. I could arrange to be picked up on the last day at Kirk Yetholm, my wife has kindly agreed to collect me when needed. However, I sort of fancied one final night, relaxing with a pint after the walk, feet up beside the fire, the babble of other finishers in the background (fanciful I know!). So I though “hang the expense” and booked it.

Accommodation Update: Friday, November 27th, 2009

Barring a disaster, that’s it, I’m done. It’s all booked, deposit cheques are in the post and all I need to do now is get fit enough to walk it 🙂

The total price of 17 nights accommodation finally came in at £556.95 (the 95p being the only non-full pound payment, to Once Brewed Hostel at £15.95). The most expensive place was jointly the B&B in Hebden Bridge at £45 and the Border Hotel – my last night luxury also at £45. On average the 17 nights came to £32.76 – a bit less than I was expecting, so happy me – I have some extra cash to spend on kit.


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  1. any advise on wich of these accommodations are a must stay. I read about woodland house in your logs so that one is noted the YHA i will skip for sure. I will do some wild camping some B&Bs and several bunkhouses.. I like it mixed. not decided yet if i use baggage transfer never used it before but it will make walking the sections a lot easier. pherhaps i do partial transfer 😉

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