Review: Paramo Cascada Waterproof Trousers #2

Over the past few walks I’ve been wearing these trousers for Go Outdoors, who provided the trousers free to me in return for an un-biased review and a write-up on this blog. My first, initial review, can be found here. Since that time, I’ve worn them on three or four additional walks and it’s probably worth writing an update with my findings and thoughts so far.

I think it’s fair to say these are winter trousers – two season trousers at best (back end of autumn, all winter and the early part of spring). Although they are branded as waterproof trousers, they are going to be too warm to wear outside these seasonal boundaries and too heavy to carry for occasional wear. They aren’t something you could wear over normal walking trousers anyway, so you’re unlikely to be carrying them.

They are now my default choice for any walk where the temperature starts below 10 Celsius and is unlikely to rise much beyond this. If the temperature does rise a bit I can always vent them using the full length zips on the outside of each leg – but they would be uncomfortably warm in anything much higher that this temp range.

Last week’s walk up Fair Brook and onto Kinder was another superb test for the waterproof-ness and windproof-ness of these trousers. Although they didn’t keep my underwear completely dry they did keep me warm and well protected throughout. I don’t believe any waterproofs would have kept me properly dry last week – the conditions were truly dreadful; howling wind, driving rain, hail and the odd cat and dog thrown in for good measure. My upper body was covered in my long sleeve Icebreaker Merino base-layer, a mid weight fleece and my Paramo Velez Adventure Light Smock – the result was acceptable, but I did feel the wind at times. By contrast, my lower half was only sheathed in the Cascada Trousers and my legs felt fine all day. Not cold and certainly not wet. Hence the assertion that I won’t be using any other trousers than these this winter.

If it’s not raining when you set out they are good for the warmth and if it starts to rain while you’re out they will keep you dry and warm. It saves me carrying overtrousers in my pack and removes the need for that ungainly dance we have to perform when we don them as the rain starts to come down. Job done as far as I’m concerned.

The only slight niggle I still have with them is that they slide down too easily and I do have to pull them up every mile or so – which can be a damn nuisance when you’re wearing gloves and have a base-layer and fleece tucked into them as I tend to do. This could be down to my build though – I’m a fat git and don’t really have hips, so perhaps they wouldn’t slide down as much with a properly defined fell walker!

You can pick them up on-line at Go Outdoors for £108 – or in-store for the same price if you flash your discount card at the checkout – that’s a 10% saving on list and don’t forget Go Outdoors have one of the best Price Guarantee schemes on the market today – and they didn’t even ask me to say that last bit.

8 thoughts on “Review: Paramo Cascada Waterproof Trousers #2”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your reviews of the Paramo Cascada trousers. A great product, extremely comfortable and as a Paramo fan since 2005 I wouldn’t be without them.

    After purchasing many makes of overtrousers and disliking the comfort level of them all, not to mention their inability to keep me dry, the Cascada are the perfect solution for cold, wet weather walking.

    On a couple of occasions I have had wet patches but only because they were in need of a wash and reproof, other than that no problems whatsoever.


    1. steven scott

      Braces work really well at stopping trousers falling down. They also don’t create a hot spot at your waist like belts can. Give them a try.

      1. What an interesting idea! I’d never considered braces. I wonder what the effect on my shoulders would be though, with the shoulder strap of the pack on top of them? I’ll see if I can find some to test them though. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. steven scott

          I have worn braces mostly when doing extreme outdoor activities. The clip on type. Granted they can leave temporary marks on your shoulders, as can heavy packs and we can’t avoid that. They do however provide a comfortable alternative to belts. On your review I have just purchased some cascada trousers. I am on my 2nd Paramo jacket and also have a Gortex shell. The Paramo whilst warm, sometimes too warm always feels comfortable and I have never got wet, even in an 11 hour Lakeland pour down on the fells. My companions wearing Gortex were shall we say a bit uncomfortable.

          1. Completely agree with your Paramo comments. I now carry my Velez Smock as a warm layer in the summer, instead of a fleece. Means I only carry one garment instead of two. Keeps me warm and dry as required. But agree can be a bit warm for a summer shower, but I’d still prefer to use that than a Gore Tex shell.

          2. Hi, Im looking to get a pair of braces for a friend who has the Paramo Cascada trousers,,do you recommend any type at all?

          3. Gill, sorry I never actually bought any braces – I was always concerned about the shoulder straps and how they would feel with under the shoulder straps of a pack – can’t really help I’m afraid.

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