Sandwood Bay

I had an excellent weekend away with my brother and a friend. We spent three excellent nights in the wonderful Inchnadamph Hotel, with the main target being an ascent of Suilven. We only had two full days, so we picked the better of the two for the main event and spent the other one visiting Sandwood Bay, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for many years.

The walk in was about 4 miles, along a good track under grey skies with occasional showers, all a bit driech really, until we reached the sand of the beach. The clouds cleared, the sun came out and everything brightened up. We stayed for a while, had a spot of lunch in the dunes and then headed back. As soon as we left the beach the clouds came in and the wind picked up.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Click for a wider view

2 thoughts on “Sandwood Bay”

  1. Some great photos there, Stuart – inspirational, in fact! Always had this on my ever-lengthening to-do list. By the way – those beach pics – is that the famous sea stack in the far distance? So famous that I can’t remember its name…!

    1. Hehe, it sure is and I have no idea what it’s called either! Wonderful spot and although we were alone on the beach we passed about 30 people either coming in or going out, so quite busy considering the 4 mile walk in.

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