That was the question posed by Nick Newcomen after he finished his 30 day trek across the USA – he used a GPS and a car and drove across 30 states in order to expound his view that more people in the world should read Ayn Rand. He selected a route, switched on his GPS and set off. At various points he switched off the GPS, drove to a new location and then switched it back on again. The resulting GPS tracklog, once uploaded to Google Earth, looked like this!

You can read more about it – but there’s not much more to it than that – here

I wasn’t inspired enough to read Ayn Rand, whoever he/she may be, but I was inspired to see what I could write with the GPS tracklogs I’ve collected to date. After the initial euphoria I quickly realised that although I had an awful lot of walks to choose from over the past few years, they would typically only help me create a word with lots of “o”’s in it – as most of my walks are circular!

In the end I used my Pennine Way walk of this year and the Coast to Coast walk from last year to create this – seems sort of appropriate really!

Obviously it would have been better if I’d had a picture of England covered in snow – but you can’t have everything.

This tracklog took me 29 days to create – just one day short of Nick’s journey.

So, I ask you, what would you write?

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