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This is the start of my Pennine Way 2010 Journal. It will cover the planning stages of the walk initially and then be expanded later in the year to include my completed travelogue. I’ll be blogging along the route again, using my iPhone and taking advantage of the increasing number of Wi-Fi hotspots available. I set out on Wednesday 5th May from Edale.

I will be walking alone this year. Tex Gore is off doing something inane on a bike with my brother – actually I’m a little bit jealous – they’re cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats. But because of the number of days annual leave he has, he can’t do that as well as the Pennine Way. I also got the impression that he didn’t envy me!

Guide Book

As usual, my default guide book provider was Trailblazer. If they have a guide book for the walk I’m doing, it’s the first one I buy and often the only one. They really are that good. The Pennine Way Guide Book has just been updated and revised by Chris Scott. It now includes things like GPS waypoints and short pieces submitted by Pennine Way walkers; including Walking Places Forum Members Stottie and Tom Read.

I did a review of the new revised edition of Guide Book, for my blog site, you can read it here: Pennine Way Review.

I will be printing my own maps – as I always do – and these are what I will be relying on as I walk the path. I will have the book with me of course – it has a much more detailed scale than the OS maps and will be useful for finding things like accommodation, pubs, cafes and so on.

I hope you enjoy this journal. If you do, pass the address on to a friend – if you don’t, keep it to yourself 😉

Guide Book Update (2014)

My Pennine Way Guide Book

In 2013 I was approach by Trailblazer Guides to see if I would like to update their Pennine Way guide book. I regarded this as a singular honour and readily accepted the project. The update involved checking all the information in the book, adding new service providers, walking the whole route, checking the maps are correct and making additions and changes where required.

I blogged about my progress as I worked my way through the project and walked the various sections, you can find them here.

You can buy a copy of the latest version of this book on Amazon, using this link.


Download file for GPS

Walk Reports

6 thoughts on “Pennine Way 2010”

  1. Great site Stuart. some very good reading and info. I’m set to tackle The Pennine way next June. As you said in one of your articles, you were in your “mid life crisis”, with me it could be an early lapse into being senile. 65th birthday next year, the wife let me pick the holiday of my choice, yep thats how its come about. As I regularly do 15 mile walks round Kinder, Bleaklow, Upper Derwent Valley etc. I thought go on you can do it. Already getting as much info as possible including Trailblazer book (4th edition of course). Keep up the good work

    1. Good luck Mick. Enjoy the planning, that’s half the fun I think. Are you going hardcore; backpacking, or being more relaxed with B&Bs, Hostels, etc? If you have any questions feel free to ping them over to me and I’ll try and help if I can.

      1. The good lady wife as also agreed to be my personal baggage handler, chauffer and hopefully be on hand to give my aching feet some TLC each evening in B&Bs along the route. I know its looking a soft way of doing it, but Ive still got to walk it 🙂

        1. Not soft, just sensible Mick, no point making it harder than it needs to be. Walking the 260 miles will be challenging enough ☺

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