Pennine Way Guide Book – 4th Edition cover
Pennine Way Guide Book – 4th Edition cover

I had an email from Bryn at Trailblazer Guidebooks last night – he hadn’t received any photos from me for the book yet and he needed something to put in the new catalogue they were having printed.

He was going to go with a temporary photo for the purposes of getting the catalogue sorted out, but ideally he wanted to go with the proper one.

I walked from Edale to Marsden in September last year with Matt (@hillplodder) and as we were about to descend from the Kinder plateau, the clouds parted, the sun came out and the path was revealed below us, stretching away to the horizon. At the same moment a lone lady walker came up the path towards us, I guessed from William Clough and I took a couple of speculative photos of the view.

When I got home a couple of days later and I was reviewing the pictures, this one stood out to me. The cloud shadow on the hill opposite (Mill Hill), the lady in the foreground, the path stretching away into the distance, the hills themselves and the distant conurbation – together they shouted “cover shot” to me.

So when Bryn asked for a few options I sent him this photo in one email – saying this was my preferred option and another 20 in another email as fallbacks, in case he didn’t like my ‘lady in blue’ photo.

I needn’t have worried, he saw the same things in the photo that I did and he immediately created this cover mock up for their catalogue print run. I think it looks awesome!

So, that’s page one sorted – I only have another 250 odd to go! If you’re reading this Bryn, I’ve actually done a few of them already πŸ™‚

If you know the lady in the shot, please ask her to contact me – I’d like to send her a copy of the book once it’s published. The photo was taken on the 7th September 2013 at about 10:30.

Here’s the original photo.

Leaving Kinder Scout on the Pennine Way, on the way to Mill Hill
Leaving Kinder Scout on the Pennine Way, on the way to Mill Hill

2 thoughts on “Page 1 Completed!”

  1. Good stuff Stuart! Seems like only yesterday you joined up with us out of Edale and over Kinder Scout. Will have to add your new book to my LEJOG kit.

  2. Congratulations on page one Stuart, and what a great photograph – fame at last for the lady in blue! Let’s hope you can trace her.

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