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The Lakeland Fells Topology Map v1.3 2014 (For printing)I had the pleasure of spending some time recently with Matthew Hillplodder, during which he spoke of his idea to create a topology map for the Lakeland Fells. He has started the project, which currently covers the Far Eastern Fells, and provides him with an “at a glance” idea of which fells he’s completed and which he still has to visit.

I like the idea so much I decided to steal it 🙂

The result is what you see over there on the left; my Topology Map of the Lakeland Fells

It is not as functional as Matthew’s map and it may not be as ideal for tracking your progress across the various fells and hill classifications, but I think it has its own appeal and usefulness.

It is A0 in size, so when it’s printed it essentially becomes a wall chart; 1.1m high by about 0.8m wide. I have used Google Terrain maps as the background, onto which I have overlayed all the various hill groups (Marilyns, Nuttalls, Wainwrights, etc.), using different coloured circles.

Each hill group circle is slightly smaller than the last, so it’s quite easy to identify hills which fall into multiple classifications. As an added bonus I’ve added all the trig points as well. This hopefully provides a useful overview of the Lakeland Fells, not just the traditional Wainwrights.

At the bottom of the map is a list of all the fells, and a box to tick once you’ve visited the fell. I had just enough room to include all the Marilyns, Hewitts, Nuttalls and Wainwrights.

The Lakeland Fells Topology Map v1.3 (Legend)

Hill groups shown on the map include the following:

  • Marilyns: UK HIlls with a 150m drop
  • Hewitts: UK Hills over 2000 feet with a 30m drop
  • Nuttalls: UK Hills over 2000 feet with a 15m drop
  • Wainwrights: The 214 Fells classified by AW
  • Wainwright Outlying Fells: The subsequent outlying fells classified by AW
  • Birketts: The 541 Fells classified by Bill Birkett
  • HuMPs: All UK Hills with a Hundred Metre Prominence
  • Deweys: UK Hills between 500m and 2000 feet with a drop of 30m

Here is a view of the Northern Fells, zoomed in so you can see how the map works in a little better detail.

The Lakeland Fells Topology Map v1.3 (Fells)


The map has been about three weeks in the making and many long evenings have been spent error checking and modifying.

If you’d like a copy then click the button below, it will take you to a PayPal purchase page and once your payment has been processed you will be sent a link from where you can download a PDF version of the map, suitable for printing. There are various places on the web that will print A0 posters for you and even some high street printers will go to that size. The map is yours for £3.


Long distance walker, trig-pointer, peak-bagger, guide book author & fair-weather cyclist, with a love of Skye, the Pennine Way, malt whisky, & Man City.

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3 Responses

  1. Richard Forshaw says:

    Hi Stuart, i would like a copy to please, i will send over the money shortly! Regards Rick

  2. Alistair says:

    Hi there Stuart, I’m interested in a copy of your very impressive map here…. Can you produce it without the “Other Fell” light blue circles? No worries if that’s not possible, or an enormous amount of work. How can I pay you your fiver? Paypal?
    With thanks, Alistair

    • lonewalker says:

      Hi Alistair
      It’s all done in Visio, so removing the Other Fells is dead easy, just switching off that layer.
      Yes, ping me a fiver via PayPal to my email address (stuart at and I’ll email a PDF file back.

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