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Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way #FAIL

8th July 2019: Garrigill to Allenheads – 12m If you asked me describe my perfect

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way – Day 1

7th July 2019: Dufton to Garrigill – 15.5m I knew I wasn’t fit, but today

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way – Day 0

6th July 2019: Home to Dufton I heard the rain on the window before I

Long Distance Paths

The Pennine Way Process

It was now or never really. I’d been waiting until as close to deadline as

A rather muted dawn, seen from Hadrian's Wall
Long Distance Paths

Burnhead to Sycamore Gap

I’d requested an early breakfast for this morning, despite it being Saturday and feeling a

Some challenging conditions after the incredible rain and wind this morning
Long Distance Paths

Garrigill to Knarsdale

If I’d started this walk today, I would almost certainly either have had to cancel

Knock Old Man, cairn on Knock Fell
Long Distance Paths

Appleby to Garrigill

If I had to use just one word to describe today’s walk from Dufton to

Cauldron Snout - at the bottom
Long Distance Paths

Langdon Beck to Appleby

Well, if I’d thought I was knackered ta the end of yesterday, then today I

High Force in the River Tees
Long Distance Paths

Baldersdale to Langdon Beck

Wow, what a day! I’m absolutely knackered. I struggled up the gentle incline of East

God's Bridge - one of a few in limestone country
Long Distance Paths

Tan Hill Inn to Baldersdale

I dithered and dallied all morning in Tan Hill, I had a late breakfast at

Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way 2010 – Day 13

17th May 2010 – Garrigill to Greenhead – 20.1 miles “When I was a young

Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way 2010 – Day 12

16th May 2010 – Dufton to Garrigill – 15.6 miles “Tom Stephenson’s highway of freedom.

Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way 2010 – Day 11

15th May 2010 – Middleton in-T to Dufton – 19.9 miles “Anywhere is walking distance,

Long Distance Paths

Pennine Way 2010 – Day 10

14th May 2010 – Bowes to Middleton in-T – 12.2 miles “That’s right, a lovely