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Ramblers #BigPathwatch

I’ve just spent the morning walking some of the local footpaths around my home. This is not an unusual activity, I do a lot of walking close to home, but this time I had a purpose. I was trying to walk all the footpaths inside certain OS squares. The reason...


Testing the WordPress App

I’ve had loads of problems with the WordPress app on Android recently. Hopefully this latest update will fix it. A couple of photos from the weekend. I have to have this sorted before early May, when I set out for Scotland.


Lakeland Fells Map

A while ago I spent some time creating a wall map of the Lakeland Fells. I wanted something I could hang on the wall, something that would help me track my progress through all the Lake District hill lists and above all, something that looked good. In short, something that...


The continuing saga of my knees

I’ve not mentioned my knees for a while, so I thought it was about time to address that. As previous posts and some tweets will have explained I’ve been suffering with a particularly painful left knee. It’s been wrong for a couple of years but the pain has been manageable,...


A Knee Update

It looks like I finished walking the Pennine Way just in time. It has been heavily mentioned on here already that I was updating the Trailblazer guide book for the Pennine Way and I walked the final section in April, with Chris Pilgrim. I really struggled with fitness on the...


Trig Point Database

A few weeks ago I created an Excel spreadsheet of all the UK trig points, in order to allow fellow trig point enthusiasts the ability to search for these iconic concrete pillars using various criteria. The spreadsheet was really just a stop-gap measure until I managed to create something more...


Ordnance Survey Map Wall

A few months ago I decided to dedicate one wall of my office – the big wall – to a map wall. This is the result… Sorry about the stupid fuse box, but I haven’t figured out how to hide that yet!

Go Outdoors - Best Independent Walking Blog Award 11

Blog Award Nomination

Not quite sure how I’ve managed to qualify for this, but the kind folk over at Go Outdoors have chosen my humble blog as one of the contenders for their “Best Independent Walking Blog” award. I’m just one of a very select group of independent bloggers, talking about the outdoors,...


I'm Back!

Regular readers may have noticed, it’s been very quiet around here recently and for that I must apologise, however, that’s about to change and I should be getting back into the swing of updating the blog more regularly, with some (hopefully) interesting posts. The last post covered, the final, traumatic...


Happy New Year

The final post of 2012 is dedicated to all the readers of the blog and website. Many thanks for your support and participation this year and indeed over the previous years. I hope you all have a great evening and a very prosperous 2013. All the best Stuart


Summary of 2012

This post may be precipitous, I may still get another walk in this year, although the weather is doing its best to put me off. However, with that in mind, here is my summary of 2012. I haven’t done one of these annual summaries for a while, so I thought...


The power of Nature

Up until about 15 years ago traffic entering Winsford (where I live), from Northwich (the nearest large town) had to drive along Jack Lane, a small and windy country lane. The expansion of the town in the late 1990’s meant that more traffic was using the road and it was...