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Sandwood Bay

I had an excellent weekend away with my brother and a friend. We spent three excellent nights in the wonderful Inchnadamph Hotel, with the main target being an ascent of

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Ravenber Way #FAIL

8th July 2019: Garrigill to Allenheads – 12m If you asked me describe my perfect hill path I would probably just point you at the bridleway that runs over Knockshield

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way – Day 1

7th July 2019: Dufton to Garrigill – 15.5m I knew I wasn’t fit, but today exposed that as one of the understatements of the millennium! I’m in my B&B in

Long Distance Paths

Ravenber Way – Day 0

6th July 2019: Home to Dufton I heard the rain on the window before I got out of bed this morning. Bloody typical, it’s not rained for 2 weeks around


Fort William to Bealach a’ Chaorainn

This should be a Cape Wrath Trail report, broken into 7 or 8 different days, but if you’ve read my previous post you’ll understand why it’s not. For those that


The End of the Road

I made a decision last week. I’m not planning any more long-distance backpacking routes. It turns out that I love the idea of them – love the prospect of walking

Long Distance Paths

Heading North

I’ll be heading north about 6am tomorrow morning, so just enough time to write a very short post about plans and stuff. My pack is bulging with 5 day’s food

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 4

21st April 2019: Keld to Aysgarth – 14.5m When I set out this morning I had every intention of walking from Keld to Reeth along the new low route, beside

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Herriot Way 2019 – Day 3

20th April 2019: Keld to Reeth – 12m I slept like a log (an expression that has always baffled me), that is to say I slept soundly. Soft pillows helped

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 2

19th April 2019: Hawes to Keld – 11.8m I dozed off about 8pm last night, but never got a decent period of sleep, thanks to the inconsiderate twat in the

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019 – Day 1

18th April 2019: Aysgarth to Hawes – 13.1m I set out from Aysgarth in a mixed frame of mind this morning. It  was good to be walking again, but the

Long Distance Paths

Herriot Way 2019

Next week I’ll be driving to Aysgarth to begin 5 days walking around some of my favourite northern Yorkshire Dales. The primary motivation for this is to do a complete

Long Distance Paths

Cape Wrath Trail Planning #2

This is the second of three posts related to the planning process for my Cape Wrath Trail walk, in May 2019. This post is going to look at kit, not

Long Distance Paths

Cape Wrath Trail Planning #1

As I write this there are only 8 weeks until I begin my Cape Wrath Trail walk; one of the toughest long distance paths in the UK. It runs for

Westmorland Way, beside Ullswater

Looking ahead into 2019

I wrote a similar post to this one, in March last year, setting out my plans for the coming year (see here) and I didn’t do too badly in the

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Tributaries Walk Day 2

Another early night resulted in another early rise, I was conscious by about 5am and snoozed until 7am. A quick look out the bedroom window revealed grey skies but I

View, or lack of, from Great Shunner Fell summit
Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Walk Day 1

It was thundering and lightning further down the valley when I arrived at the Moorcock Inn last night. I’d had an easy drive up from home through moderate Friday evening

Long Distance Paths

Tributaries Planning & Pain Management

I set out on my second long-distance path of the year next Saturday. All my walking plans for this year are based around guide books; either new books or new