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This page shows all the walks for 2014. You can sort the list by date, length of walk, amount of height gained on the walk and the region in which it took place.

Each walk shows the hill categories (if any) that were encountered on the walk. A full list of the hill classification codes and their meaning can be found here: Hill Classifications

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Totals for 2014 27 Walks 251.9 Miles 40,000 feet of ascent 0 new trig points 2 new summits
Date Walk name Dist Ascent Region Hill categories GPX
2014-12-29Fountains Fell Day 25.7 m300 ftYorkshire DalesN, YDT
2014-12-28Fountains Fell Day 16.2 m1300 ftYorkshire DalesHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2014-12-12Kinder via Crowden Clough9.2 m1800 ftPeak District
2014-12-05Rubha Hunish4.8 m1100 ftScotland
2014-12-03Dun Gearymore5.4 m500 ftScotland
2014-12-02The Quiraing2.6 m700 ftScotland
2014-10-04Cosh House from Halton Gill5.0 m700 ftYorkshire Dales
2014-05-30Halton Gill2.1 m500 ftYorkshire Dales
2014-05-17Harry Hut & Featherbed Top10.9 m1800 ftPeak District5, PDT
2014-05-06Hardraw to Keld11.2 m2500 ftYorkshire DalesHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2014-05-05Lady Hill to Hardraw13.2 m1000 ftYorkshire Dales
2014-05-04Grovebeck Gill to Lady Hill14.1 m1700 ftYorkshire Dales
2014-05-03Keld to Grovebeck Gill13.9 m2400 ftYorkshire Dales
2014-04-16Barrowburn to Kirk Yetholm15.7 m3100 ftNorthumberlandCoH, DT, xDT, xN
2014-04-15Byrness to Barrowburn16.8 m2900 ftNorthumberland5, 5D, D, GTH, Hew, Hu, N, s5, s5D
2014-04-14Bellingham to Byrness15.7 m1900 ftNorthumberland
2014-04-13Twice Brewed Inn to Bellingham16.4 m2000 ftNorthumberland2, 3
2014-04-12Bardon Mill to Twice Brewed Inn2.9 m600 ftNorthumberland
2014-03-30Lintley Halt to Burnstones5.7 m500 ftNorthern Pennines
2014-03-29Alston to Lintley Halt8.3 m1100 ftNorthern Pennines
2014-03-16Light Hazzles Res to Hebden Bridge8.5 m500 ftSouthern Pennines4
2014-03-15Marsden to Light Hazzles Res12.1 m1800 ftPeak District4, CoU, Hu
2014-03-01Kinder via Crookstone Hill10.5 m2200 ftPeak District
2014-02-16Kinder via Three Knolls8.9 m1900 ftPeak District
2014-02-01Bleaklow & Cock Hill10.1 m1900 ftPeak DistrictHew, Hu, N, PDT
2014-01-11Kinder via Gate Side Clough6.4 m1600 ftPeak District
2014-01-04Kinder via Fair Brook9.6 m1700 ftPeak District
Totals for 2014 27 Walks 251.9 Miles 40,000 feet of ascent 0 new trig points 2 new summits