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Totals for 2011 61 Walks 666.8 Miles 108,900 feet of ascent 21 new trig points 29 new summits
Date Walk name Dist Ascent Region Hill categories GPX
2011-12-27Beamsley Beacon7.8 m1000 ftYorkshire Dales4, Hu, YDT
2011-12-22Tatton Park5.4 m200 ftCheshire
2011-12-03Kinder via Fair Brook10.0 m1700 ftPeak District
2011-11-19Kirkby Fell11.0 m1600 ftYorkshire Dales5, YDT
2011-11-06Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill10.5 m1700 ftPeak District5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT
2011-10-29Place Fell7.5 m2500 ftLake District5, B, Hew, Ma, N, s5, Sy, W
2011-10-22Cleeve Hill to Leckhampton Hill13.0 m1900 ftCotswolds2
2011-10-08Salt Cellar & Back Tor12.3 m2000 ftPeak District5, PDT
2011-10-01Ingleborough12.2 m2700 ftYorkshire DalesHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-09-22Sharp Haw3.2 m800 ftYorkshire Dales3, Ma, YDT
2011-09-10Reeth to Grinton Bridge1.8 m200 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-09-10Kisdon from Keld5.0 m900 ftYorkshire Dales4, Ma, YDT
2011-09-09Keld to Reeth12.5 m2100 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-09-03Ingleborough from Ingleton11.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-08-24Snaizeholme Fell4.7 m800 ftYorkshire Dales5, YDT
2011-08-20Stanway to Cleeve Hill13.0 m1800 ftCotswolds3, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma
2011-08-13Ling Haw & Arant Haw11.5 m2900 ftHowgill Fells4, 5, Hew, How, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-08-06Routh Level to Reeth7.5 m550 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-08-05Keld to Routh Level9.3 m1500 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-07-30Hoove4.8 m700 ftYorkshire Dales5, Ma, YDT
2011-07-23Keld to Reeth via the Swale12.0 m700 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-07-09Chipping Campden to Stanway12.0 m1600 ftCotswolds2, CoA, CoH, CoU, Hu
2011-07-03Wild Boar Fell9.0 m2000 ftYorkshire DalesHew, Ma, N, Sim, Un, xN, Y30, YDT
2011-06-24Ennerdale Bridge to St. Bees16.0 m3000 ftLake District3, Ma, WO
2011-06-23Stonethwaite to Ennerdale Bridge16.0 m2300 ftLake District
2011-06-22Grasmere to Stonethwaite12.0 m2800 ftLake DistrictB, N, Sy, W
2011-06-21Patterdale to Grasmere7.2 m2600 ftLake DistrictB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2011-06-20Shap to Patterdale16.5 m3800 ftLake DistrictB, N, Sy, W
2011-06-19Kirkby Stephen to Shap19.5 m2200 ftCrosby Ravensworth Fells
2011-06-18Keld to Kirkby Stephen12.0 m1400 ftYorkshire DalesHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2011-06-17Reeth to Keld11.0 m2400 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-06-16Richmond to Reeth12.5 m2000 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-06-15Osmotherley to Richmond27.5 m1600 ftNorthern England
2011-06-14Blakey Ridge to Osmotherley20.5 m2800 ftNorth Yorks Moors3, 4, Hu, Ma, sHu
2011-06-13Grosmont to Blakey Ridge14.0 m2400 ftNorth Yorks Moors
2011-06-12Robin Hood's Bay to Grosmont16.0 m2000 ftNorth Yorks Moors2, Hu
2011-06-04Howgills aborted3.2 m600 ftHowgill Fells
2011-05-30Settle from Malham12.5 m2300 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-28Buckmoorend to Ivinghoe Beacon16.0 m1800 ftSouthern England2, CoA, CoH, CoU, Hu
2011-05-24Littondale10.0 m600 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-21Edale to Hadfield19.0 m2800 ftPeak District5, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2011-05-19Arncliffe to Malham Tarn7.0 m1200 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-18Hubberholme to Horse Head5.7 m1400 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-18Cold Cotes0.5 m100 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-14Dentdale9.0 m1700 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-07High Street8.0 m3200 ftLake DistrictB, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, W, xN
2011-05-01Thwaite to Muker2.2 m150 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-01Ivelet Bridge to Askrigg Road4.8 m1000 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-04-29Buttermere to Keswick10.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictB, Hew, Hu, N, W
2011-04-23Buckden to Askrigg15.5 m1800 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-04-22Askrigg to Buckden15.7 m2100 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-04-09Cracoe Fell13.0 m2400 ftYorkshire Dales5, Ma, s5, YDT
2011-04-02Edale to Torside16.0 m2700 ftPeak District5, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2011-03-26Penhill13.0 m2400 ftYorkshire Dales5, Hu, YDT
2011-03-19Dent to Knoutberry14.0 m1800 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-03-12Whernside11.0 m1800 ftYorkshire DalesCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-03-05Cotterdale10.5 m1400 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-02-19Ingleton Waterfalls8.0 m1200 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-02-05Settle to Ingleton12.0 m1400 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-01-22Muker to Ivelet Bridge11.0 m1800 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-01-02Dovestone Reservoir11.5 m2300 ftPeak District
Totals for 2011 61 Walks 666.8 Miles 108,900 feet of ascent 21 new trig points 29 new summits