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Walks in 2010

This page shows all the walks for 2010. The list is sorted in date order, with the first walk of the year at the top of the page. You can get a rough idea of how easy or difficult the walk is likely to be from the distance and height gain numbers on the walk. Click on the walk name to get more information for that walk, including a dynamic OS map and a downloadable GPX file for your GPS device.

Date Walk name Dist Height Gain Country Region GPX
2010-01-02Gordale Scar8.0 m1000 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-01-09The Roaches1.8 m500 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-01-10Bluebell Hill1.8 m400 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-01-17The Roaches3.7 m700 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-01-23Great Asby Scar12.5 m1300 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-01-30Howden Moor & Bleaklow Stones12.0 m1800 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-02-06Whernside12.0 m2200 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-02-13Great Knoutberry11.5 m2000 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-02-20Cave Hill12.0 m1700 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-02-26Dovestone Reservoir6.0 m1000 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-02-27Fountains Fell9.5 m1400 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-03-06Kilnsey Moor13.5 m2100 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-03-11Bray Down1.0 m350 ftEnglandBodmin Moor
2010-03-11Brown Willy6.0 m1400 ftEnglandBodmin Moor
2010-03-11Fox Tor1.0 m200 ftEnglandBodmin Moor
2010-03-12Christ Cross0.5 m15 ftEnglandSouth West
2010-03-12Dunkery Beacon1.5 m500 ftEnglandExmoor
2010-03-12High Willhays5.5 m1400 ftEnglandDartmoor
2010-03-27Cracoe Fell14.0 m2400 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-04-02Clougha Pike10.0 m1500 ftEnglandBowland Fells
2010-04-03Rye Loaf Hill & Attermire Scar13.0 m2100 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-04-17Baugh Fell11.5 m2100 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-04-24Mallerstang Edge12.0 m2100 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-05-05Edale to Crowden16.5 m2700 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-05-06Crowden to Standedge14.0 m2700 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-05-07Standedge to Hebden Bridge16.0 m1700 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-05-08Hebden Bridge to Cowling16.5 m2900 ftEnglandSouthern Pennines
2010-05-09Cowling to Malham18.5 m2600 ftEnglandSouthern Pennines
2010-05-10Malham to Horton15.0 m2900 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-05-11Horton to Hawes13.7 m1900 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-05-12Hawes to Keld12.5 m2400 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-05-13Keld to Bowes13.0 m1300 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-05-14Bowes to Middleton13.0 m1700 ftEnglandNorthern Pennines
2010-05-15Middleton to Dufton20.5 m2500 ftEnglandNorthern Pennines
2010-05-16Dufton to Garrigill16.0 m3400 ftEnglandNorthern Pennines
2010-05-17Garrigill to Greenhead20.0 m1800 ftEnglandNorthern Pennines
2010-05-18Greenhead to Once Brewed7.8 m1200 ftEnglandNorthumberland
2010-05-19Once Brewed to Bellingham16.0 m1900 ftEnglandNorthumberland
2010-05-20Bellingham to Byrness15.5 m1800 ftEnglandNorthumberland
2010-05-21Byrness to Kirk Yetholm25.0 m4200 ftEnglandNorthumberland
2010-06-05Plover Hill9.5 m1800 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-06-12Pickerstone Ridge13.0 m1800 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-06-18Beacon Tarn13.5 m2100 ftEnglandLake District
2010-06-26Yockenthwaite Moor9.0 m1900 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-07-10Cosh Outside11.5 m1800 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-07-17Lovely Seat8.0 m1600 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-07-24Malvern Hills9.0 m2600 ftEnglandMidlands
2010-07-31Snake Pass Traverse14.0 m3100 ftEnglandPeak District
2010-08-07Grizedales11.5 m2200 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-08-14Haweswater Circumference11.0 m1200 ftEnglandLake District
2010-08-21Great Pinseat11.5 m2400 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-08-28Garsdale to Ribblehead10.0 m1500 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-09-04Conistone Moor11.5 m1600 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-09-11Overton Hill to Round Hill Downs12.5 m1200 ftEnglandSouthern England
2010-09-18Round Hill Downs to Kingstonhill Barn12.5 m1500 ftEnglandSouthern England
2010-09-25Kingstonhill Barn to Bury Down11.0 m500 ftEnglandSouthern England
2010-09-30Shipley to Brown Bank12.5 m1800 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-10-01Brown Bank to Skipton7.0 m700 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-10-14Blackstone Edge & The Fleak7.0 m800 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-10-16Pen-y-Ghent & Plover Hill9.0 m1900 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-10-23Simon's Seat11.0 m2000 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-10-30Bury Down to North Stoke13.5 m600 ftEnglandSouthern England
2010-11-06North Stoke to Watlington11.0 m1200 ftEnglandSouthern England
2010-11-20Watlington to Buckmoorend15.0 m1600 ftEnglandSouthern England
2010-11-27Proctor High Mark & Parson's Pulpit9.0 m1100 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
2010-12-27Ingleton Amble4.5 m900 ftEnglandYorkshire Dales
66 Walks 728.3 m 111,165 ft